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About Infineon Technologies

Formerly Siemens Micro, Infineon Technologies is the world market leader in several communication integrated circuits and security and smartcard applications. Infineon Technologies focuses on the three main areas: energy efficiency, communications and security. Therefore it offers semiconductors and system solutions for automotive, industrial electronics, chip card and security as well as applications in communications. Infineon’s products stand out for their reliability, their quality excellence and their innovative and leadging edge technology in analog and mixed signal, RF and power as well as embedded control.


Infineon Technologies Corporate Info
Infineon Technologies
640 N. McCarthy Blvd.
Milpitas, CA 95035 US

In Stock Parts:

BSS123 BTS740S2 BTS7740G BTS7750GP BTS775G BFR92W SPP11N60S5 PTFA212001E V4 PTFA180701EV4 PEB2465HV2.4 PEB2466H PEB2466H-V1.4 PEB2466-HV2.2 PTF080901E BAS21 BAS21E6327 BAS21UE6327 BAS28 PEF55208EV1.2 SAB80C517AN18 PTF141501E PTF180301E PTF210301EV1 PTF210451E IPW65R019C7 TCA3727G BTS426L1 TLE4270-2D SAB82525HV21 PEF24628EV1.2G BUZ80A SAB80C166MT3 N80C186-16 NPLD910-15 NS64000 NWA-19P-DEVEL TLE72092R PEB2445NV1.2 SFH450 SFH4813 SFH484 SFH485 ILQ620GB ILQ621GB ILQ66-3 ILQ66-4 SAF-C517A-LN IDH12S60C BFQ193 SPP02N60S5 PEF88208EV2.1 PEB4266TV1.2 PEB4266V PEB4266VV1.2 PEB4365-TV1.1 PEF4265TV2.1 PTFB191501EL IGCM15F60GA PEF80902HV1.1 BTS149 BTS410E2 BTS410E2-E3062A BTS410F BTS410F2 F4-75R12KS4 FF150R17KE4 PTFB212503FL V1 IPW60R041C6 TDA21211 FS150R17KE3G FF1400R17IP4 SAF-C161K-LM3V SABC515LN SABC541U1EN SAB-M3002-8D33F SFH350V SFH400-3 SFH426 ADM6996LAAT1 PEF55602TV1.1 BTS50080-1EGA BSP171P PEB3081FV14 PEB4565TSV1.5 SAB80C517AN18T3 SAB80C517A-N18-T3 SAB80C535-16-N-T40/85 BSC110N06NS3G SG3524N SG3526BDW SGP02N120 SGW25N120 PSB6970HLV1.3 PSB80600EV1.1 IPW65R037C6 PTFA080551EV4 PSB80170EV1.1 PTFA091201EV4 SAF-XE167F-96F66L PTFA212001E PEF4264TV2.1 TLE6220GP TLE6225G TLE6250G PTFA081501E V1 IDH05S120 PTFA180701E BUZ71A SDT12S60 FP30R06W1E3 FP50R06W2E3 SAB82525HV22 PEF24911HV22 FZL4146G SAB80C53516NT4085 SPP20N60S5 SPP21N50C3 SPP7N60C3 SPP80N03 BUZ271 PEB24902HV2.1 SAB80C166M PEB4165TV1.1 SAB80C535NDA PTFA043002E BSM50GB170DN2 IPD025N06N ICE2A365 ICE2A365XK ICE2B265 ICE3A2065Z BSC014N06NS SPP12N50C3 PTMA210152MV1 PTMA180402MV1 SAB80C535N BTS114A BB555 E7902 BTS707 BTS712N1TR BTS716GB BTS721L1 TCA785 SABC517ALN HA1-4900-2 FS35R12KT3 BTS410D2 2ED300C17-ST PTFB213004F V2 IPD06N03LAG BTS660P BTS941 BTSG21L1 IKW40N65WR5 BTS723 BSC057N03LSG FF200R12KT4 PEB22617-HDSL2-ALV1.2 PTFB191501E BAV99 BTS441T BTS441TG BTS5240L BTS555 TLE4905G TLE4905L TLE4913 BTS650PE3180A BUP200 BUP200-E3046 BTS5210G BTS5210L BTS5215L BTS5234L H11G1 HC130A58M01 HD1131OL HDSP2003LP ITS716G BSO215C BA892H6327 TLE4935G ISP752R BSC016N04LSG BAT62-02W BSP742R BSP742T BSP742TNT BSP75 TLE4921-5U BSZ097N04LS G BTS282-Z IGCM06F60GA TLE6214L BDP950E6327 BF517E6327 BF517E6327XT BF771E6327 KTY135 BFR193E6327 BFR280E6327 BFR280W BFR92A ESD8V0R1B-02LRH BTS442E2 20N65C3 2N2219A 2N945 2NCQA41T4-0001 2X512KX16-6DRAMTSOP-50 ADM7001XACT1 ADM7001X-AC-T-1-T ADM8515X-AC-T-1 BAT165 BAT165E6327 BAT17 BAT17-04 BAV70 BB857 BC846B BC846B-E6327 BC846BE6327XT BC846BW BC849BLT1G BC857B BC857BL3E6327 BC857B-TR BC857CWE6327 BFG235 BFP193 BFR340F BSC018N04LS G BSM300GA120DN2 BSO315C BSP78 BTN7960B BTS115A BTS117 BTS121A BTS121AE3045A BTS133 BTS141 BTS142D BTS149E3045A BTS240A BTS3028SDR BTS307 BTS308E3062A BTS3142D BTS3408G BTS412A BTS432D2 BTS432D2 E3043 BTS432E2E3043 BTS442E2E3062A BTS50055-1TMA BTS442E2E3062AXT BTS443P BTS452R BTS452T BTS462T BTS4880R BTS50055-1TMC BTS723GW BTS734L1 BTS7930B BTS7750G BTS781GP BUZ42 BUZ60 BUZ73L DD700N22K DD98N25K FD300R12KE3 FZ1200R33HE3 HYB39S512160AT75 ICM7170IBG ICPL2611SM IDD06E60 IDH15S120AKSA1 IDH05S60C IDH16S60C IDT06S60C IDT75173N IKW40T120 IL02 IHW20N120R2 ILCT6 ILD1-X001 ILD207TWP ILD2 ILD205T ILD207-1079T ILD207T ILD74 ILD-906TWP ILQ1-X007 ILQ1-X009 IPB051NE8NG IPD031N06L3G IPD30N06S2-23 IPD90P04P4-05 IPP120N06NG IPP200N25N3 IPW60R045CP KTY115 KTY136 MIC841HYC5 PEB22720FV1.4 PEB2466HV22 PEB24911H-V1.2 PEB24911HV13 PEB3324EV1.4 PEB3324HLV1.3 PEB3394HLV1.4 PEB3445EV21 PEB3324EV1.4G PEB4262VV1.1 PEF22554HTV3.1 PEF2426 V1.1 PEF24628EV12G PEF3201FV13 PEF3304ELV2.1-G PEF55008EV12 PMB2314TV15 PSB21384HV13 PSB50712EV1.4-G PTFA082201E PTFA092211EL PTFA240451E PXB4330EV1.1 PXB4330V11 Q62702A1025 PXB4340EV1.1 PXB4350EV1.1 PXB4360FV1.1 PXF4225-EV1.3 Q62702A Q62702A1010 SAB80C535-16-N SAB80C53516NT40/85 SAB80C53716N SAB80C537N SAB83C517A5N18T3 SABC505CLM SAE81C90 SAF82532N10V3.2A SAF-C161PI-LFCA SAFC167CRLM SAFC517ALM SAF-C517A-LM SAF-XC164CS-16F20FBB SAF-XC164CS-16F40F SAF-XE164F-96F66L-AC SAK-XC164CM-16F40FBA SFH450V SFH551V SG1526J SGB15N120 SGP30N60HS SPA20N60C3 SPA20N65C3 SPB03N60C3 SPB03N60S5 SPB20N60C2 SPB20N60C3 SPB80P06PG SPD02N80C3 SPD30N06S2L23 SPW11N80C3 SPW32N50C3 SPW35N60C3 SPW47N60C2 SPW47N60C3 SPW47N60S5 SRP-00255O STL51005GE9232 TAE1453A TCA3727 TCA3727G-P TCA3727NK TCA505BGGRG TD250N16KOF TDA16846P TDA16888 TDA16888G TDA21101G TDA4321XS TDA4601 TDA4718A TDA5100 TDA5200GEG TDA6160-2X TDA6190TGEG TDA6060XS GEG TDK5110F TLE4274DV50ATMA1 TLE4274GV85 TLE4276DV50 TLE4276GV TLE4276GV50GEG TLE4290G TLE4476D TLE4945L TLE5205-2G TLE5205-2GNT TLE5209GP TLE52052G TLE6230GP TLE6230GPAUMA1 TLE62326P TLE6240GP TLE6250GV33 TLE6250PG TLE6254-2G TLE6259-2G TLE8203E TLE8250G TT92N16KOF PEB2045N PEB2046NVA3 4N35 4N35-X007 6N138 6N139-X019T MMBTA92LT1 MOC8050-46 BTS140A BAS16 BAS40-04 BAV99W BAW56 BC807-40 BCP51 BCV46 BCV47 006-1087924 043-001 04N60C3 06-115902-166 06N03LA 07N60C2 1103-001REV 115-0002455 11N60S5-E3045A 11N65C3 128MBSDRAM 1540AAB 19-13009-01 1ED020I12F 1N2986B 1N4740A 1N58184T 1PADR390BUJZREEL7 1PBAS40W067 20320HV3.4 2222A-LT1 22N03 23826-K305-C353 23849-R35-C55 2907A-LT1 2N0807 40-04LT1-LF 402103020MHGR 479-0726-020 47N60S5 4809948D37 4N25 4N25-X0009T 4N25-X017 4N26 4N26-X000 4N33-X009 4N35-X007T 4N35-X017 4N35-X017T 4N36 4N37-X006 5210G 5910-01-168-3807 5955-01-046-7484 5961-00-081-2324 5961-00-269-9148 5962-01-274-3512 69669-42/005 6N135-X007T 6R165P 6R199P 702-198-00 72-0013 72-0013NAX 75-E6327 80P06P 8521875-2 861611514 91346C 914LT1 99E6327 A3273617-001 A80-A250X

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