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About Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress Semiconductor is headed by founder, president and CEO T.J. Rodgers. Its Headquarters is in San Jose, California. Cypress delivers programmable solutions across a wide range of industries. Originally the company designed and manufactured high speed SRAMS, CMOS, EEPROMs, PAL devices, and TTL logic devices. Cypress Semiconductor is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and has divisions in the United States, India, and the Philippines. Currently they have over 1650 patents for such products like programmable clocks, programmable logic and PSOC programmable system-chip devices. Main competitors would be Xilinx, Microchip and Integrated Device Technology.

Cypress Semiconductor is a very community minded company and is always working to improve the quality of life in the communities where their employees live. Ways in which Cypress helps the community is to do such things as food sculpture contests that benefit Second Harvest Food Bank Corporate Challenge. Education is another way Cypress is involved in its community and employees. More than two-thirds of their corporate philanthropy encourages students to focus on math and science related professions.

In Stock Parts:

CY7C68013A100AXC PALC22V10D10JC CY14B108L-ZS20XIT CY62167ELL-45ZXI CY7C028V20AI CY7C1049CV3320ZXI CY62128BLL70SI CY7C1049B15VI CY62128BLL70SC PALC22V10B15WMB CY7C13030PC CY62256NLL-70PXC CY7C1353B66AC CY7C1069AV33-10ZI CY7C02815AI CY7C1041B15ZI CY7C024AV25AXC CY7C34425JC CY7C10915ZC CY7C67200-48BAXI CY7C109A-35VC CY7C136-25NXC CY7C68013A-56PVXI CY8C3866AXI-039 CY62126BVLL70ZI CY7C1041DV33-10ZSX CY7C199C-20VXC CY7C1049B20VC CY7C342B15JC CY7B933JXC CY7C1312AV18-167BZC CY8C2644324SI CY8C2644324PVXI CY8C2744324SXI CY62137EV30LL-45ZSXI STK15C88-NF25I STK22C48NF25I CY7B923JXC CY7C128A15PC CY7C460A25PTC CY7C1380C167AI CY7C1368C-166AXC CY7C423515AC CY37064P100-125AXC CY7C1414AV18-200BZI CY7C1051DV33-12ZSXI CY7C1061AV33-12ZXC CY7C1357B100AC CY7C18715PC CY7C19935VC CY62256LL70PXC CY62136VLL-70ZSXE CY7C1347B133AC CY7C1370D-200AXI CY7C68013128AXC CY37256VP160100AC CY2313ANZSXC1 CY22393ZXI-510 CY2308SXC-3 CY37128P100-125AXC CY37128VP100-83QXI CY37256P160125AI CY37512P208100NI CY611655DMB CY62128BLL70SXI CY62147EV18LL-55BVXI CY62148DV30LL-55SXI CY62148ELL-55SXA CY62157DV30LL-55ZXI CY62167DV30LL70BVI CY62167EV30LL-45ZXA CY62256NLL-70SNXCT CY7B9234270JXC CY7B9234-270JXC CY7C028-15AI CY7C09349AV9AC CY7C09449PVAC CY7C09569V100AC CY7C1021BV3310ZC CY7C1021CV3312VXE CY7C1041B15ZXC CY7C1041B-15ZXC CY7C1041CV3315ZXC CY7C1049B15VC CY7C1049BN-15VXC CY7C1049DV33-10ZSX CY7C1069BV33-10ZI CY7C106B-15VXC-T CY7C10920VXC CY7C109B15VXC CY7C128A15VXC CY7C13135JI CY7C1370D167AXC CY7C1372D167AXI CY7C1372D-167AXI CY7C1460AV33-167AXI CY7C16425PC CY7C18525VI CY7C19920ZI CY7C19935DMB CY7C199C-20ZXI CY7C26345WMB CY7C26445WC CY7C271A35WMB CY7C271A-45WMB CY7C42040PC CY7C421-20JXI CY7C421515AXI CY7C4285V-15ASXC CY7C53120L8-32SXI CY7C65640ALFXC PALC22V10D15JC TNETV3010DZVC VIC068ABC

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