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About Xicor

Xicor, Inc. designs, develops and markets high-performance analog mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) used in communications, computing, networking and industrial applications. Xicor's mixed-signal products include data conversion products, power management ICs, application-specific standard products and time-keeping devices. Xicor's programmable analog mixed-signal components regulate, control, convert and manage various voltages and currents through the use of a serial interface and internal electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) device. In 2004, Intersil Corporation acquired Xicor in order to expand both companies portfolio of analog products.


Xicor Corporate Info
1001 Murphy Ranch Road
Milpitas, CA 95035 US
Phone: (408) 432-8888
Fax: (408) 432-0640
Web Site:

In Stock Parts:

X28C010J-12 X28HC64J-90 X28HC256JM-15 X2864BP12 X28C010RI12 X28C64JM20 X28HC256J-12 X28HC256J-12TR X28HC256J-15 X24C04P X24C04P-2.7 X24C04S X24C16P X24C16S8 X24C16S81 X28HC256JIZ-15T1 X20C16SI55 X9313WSI X9313WST1 X9313Z-S X24C44P X25020 X24C16PI X24C16PM X24C16S14 XM28C040MHR-20 X2816BDMB20 XR2206CP XR3448PHSE XRL100V47 X24C16S8I X24C16S8I-2.7 X24C16S8T1 X28HC64PI12 16C450CP X2212DMB10 X24164SI X24165 X24165S X24645S8I-2.7 X24C44S X24C44SI X24C44SIT1 X25020S X25040 X2816ADMB X2816CP-12 X28C010DI-12 X28C010DI-15 X28C010DI15 X28C010DM-12 X28C010DM20 X28C010DMB-12 X28C256P20 X28C64DMB15 X28C64JI20 X28C64JM-20 X28HC256JI90 X28HC256JMB15 X5045PI X9241WS X9241WSI X9241WV X9312WSI X9511ZP XR2211CP XR68C681CJ X28C010EM-12 17128DPC 17512LPI X20C04P-25 X24C00P X24C01A X24C04S8IT1 X2804AP-45 X2864AD X9015US8 X9102P X9103P X9104P X9312UPI X9312WS X9C103S XC1702LVQ44I XC1718DJC XC1765D-PC20C XC2018-70PG84B XCV100-5BG256C Z80PI0 058-007765-0001 100-0008846 1000MFD16V20 118-0013262 13206017-2 13206064 13211752 13285235 13973800213-19 140A832-1 140NPAL50V10 140-NPRL50V100 142552 1430-6473 161-1578-0001 1765EPI 1A20004H01 1A20538H01 1A28573H07 2004EMB 22100000255 2210-30 2211CP 22C10S 24AA023 24C00E 24C01D 24C02 24C16S81 24C44 25020 25040 270-5.1K-RC 271-191K 271-25.5K 271-475 271-499 2816ADMB-35 2816AND 2816BDMB 2816BJ-20 2816BJ-25 28215RC 28256D 28256D-35 283-15-RC 2864AJ-25 2864BDMB-18 2864BJ-12 28C010D-15 28C010DI-15 28C010FMB-20 28C010FMB-25 28C010M-25 28C010MHR-25 28C256BJ-15 28C256DM 28C256DM-25 28C256EMB-25 28C256F-35 28C256FMB-25 28C256JI-25 28C256K1-15 28C256KM-25 28C256KMB-25 28HC256-15DMB 28HC256J-12 28HC64J-55 28HC64P-5S 28VC256FMB-55 2902CP 291100K 291-9.1K 292-61.9/REEL 293-10M 294-200 299-5.6K 2NDA102900-001 302-1.0K-RC 315-0124 322R891H01 32KX8-200CDIP-28 32KX8-250EEPROMPLCC-32 34054677-003 34054677-3 34074CD 3448P 34802402 41402931 41422401610 434-1012-1.5CS 4A47637H01 51010079-51 5199510A01 5405467-204 583R281H05 587R874H01 5962-01-224-4303 5962-01-236-0418 5962-01-239-0418 5962-01-240-5635 5962-01-245-7406 5962-01-263-8204 5962-01-266-1447 5962-01-266-3208 5962-01-274-7927 5962-01-305-3714 5962-01-323-4440 5962-01-323-6962 5962-01-347-3420 5962-01-355-3768 5962-01-355-6832 5962-01-358-9694 5962-01-360-3296 5962-01-361-6518 5962-01-363-5459 5962-01-363-6254 5962-01-366-7471 5962-01-374-6333 5962-01-390-5668 5962-01-391-8700 5962-01-428-6092 5962-01-430-9388 5962-01-433-3691 5962-01-457-9671 5962-01-503-8122 5962-3826701MXA 5962-3826703MXA 5962-3826705MXA 5962-3826705MZC 5962-3826707MXA 5962-8683006XA 5962-8683006YA 5962-8683007XA 5962-8683007ZC 5962-8751402XA 5962-8751403YA 5962-8751403ZC 5962-8751404XA 5962-8751404YA 5962-8751405YA 5962-8764902XA 5962-8764903XA 5962-8764903ZC 5962-8852503XA 5962-8852504XA 5962-8863401UC 5962-8863401XA 5962-8863403XA 5962-8863405XA 5962-89590 5962-8959001PA 5962-8966701PA 59629086901MYA 5962-9086903MXA 5962-9086904MZC 5962-9086905MXA 5962-9086907MXA 5962-9086911MYA 5962-9086915MYA 5962-9552501MRA 60395C 6405467-207 68EN360RC25B 80PI0 848959-0012 848966-7012 86202MCD2D 8852503YA 88B681P/40 8KX8-200EEPROMCMOSDIP 8KX8-250EEPROMPLCC-32 971868-0222 971920-0221 974518-0521 97942-1A20004H01 97942-1A28573H07 999997-G11K8P 9C503SE A31U29869-1 AT28C256-20DM/883 AT28HC256-70DM/883 AT635 C5210D C6747 CC501N330J CC503Z224M CD50S2-056J COMP10220 CR10-22-5 D34054677-003 DS-324 E501384-015 F42507A4 G405463-210 G405463-217 G405467-208 ICAN24C01P L50V1.0 LM2931AD-5.0 M38510/22807BXX ME109-0103-01 N28256D-35 NPAL100V47 NPRL50V1.0 PF2A103J PF2A222J PF2A223F RSM1206X4704J RWG04 S161-00657 SS12F23G4 ST16C550CJ ST49C148CT T65118ACD T65118CD T7295IP T7298IW TBA231 TE275-9260-4706 VI-JN1-10 WC30E506395-001 WCAI103307-001 WCAIE102302-001 WCAIE103307-001 WIDOE102368-001 X1203S8I X1203V8 X1226S8I X1226S8T1 X1226V8 X1227S8I-2.7A X1240V8 X1242 X1242E X1242S8 X20004DMB-25 X2001PI X2004D X2004D-20 X2004DI X2004DMB-25 X2004EI-20 X2004EMB X2004EMB-25 X2004P X2004P20 X20C04DMB X20C04DMB-15 X20C04EMB X20C04EMB-20 X20C04EMB-25 X20C04J X20C04JI-25 X20C04PI-20 X20C04PI25 X20C05D-45 X20C05J-55 X20C05JI-35 X20C16EMB-55 X20C16JI-35 X20C16JI-45 X20C16JI-55 X20C16P-45 X20C16PI-55 X20C16S-35 X20C16S-35T1 X20C16S-55 X20C16SI-55 X20C64PMHR-55 X2201AD X2210AP X2210D X2210DM X2210DMB X2210DMB/10 X2210P X2212D X2212DMB X2212DMB/10 X2212P X2212P-5 X22C10DI X22C10DMB X22C10P X22C10P0 X22C10PM X22C10S X22C10SI X22C10SM X22C12P X22C12S X2402PI X2404DM X2404P X2404S X24128S X24164P X24164S X24164SE X24165S-2.7 X24165S8-2.7 X24165S8-2.7T1 X24165S8I27TR X24165SI X24165SI-2.7 X2416SI X24256S8 X24257 X24257A8-2.5 X24320S8 X24325SI X2444DM X2444P X2444PI X24640S8T1 X24645 X24645A X24645S8-2.7 X24645S8-2.7T1 X24C00D X24C00E X24C00PI-2.7 X24C00S X24C00SI X24C00SI2.7T2 X24C01 X24C01AP X24C01API X24C01AS X24C01AS8 X24C01CD X24C01D X24C01M X24C01P X24C01SI-3T X24C01SI-3T1 X24C01SIT1 X24C025A X24C02DMB X24C02M-3T1 X24C02M-3TI X24C02P X24C02PM X24C02S X24C02S8 X24C02S8-2.7 X24C02S8-3.5 X24C02S8I X24C02S8I-2.7 X24C02S8IT1C7168 X24C04 X24C04DMB. X24C04DMB X24C04S8 X24C04S8-2.7 X24C04S8I X24C04S8I-2.7 X24C08D X24C08P X24C08P-3 X24C08S X24C08S14 X24C08S8 X24C08S827 X24C08S827T1 X24C08S8-3 X24C08S8I-2.7 X24C16D X24C16DI X24C16DMB X24C16IS8 X24C16S8T2 X24C16ST1 X24C44 X24C44D X24C44I X24C44PI X24C44ST1 X24C45P X24F016SI-5T1 X25020D X25020P X25020PI X25020S-2.7 X25020S-2.7T1 X25020S-3 X25020SI X25020SI-3 X25020ST X25040P X25040S X25040SI X25040SM X25043 X25043S27T1 X25043SI X25043SIT1C7168 X25043SM X25045P X25057ST1 X25080S-1.8 X25080S-1.8T1 X25097S X25097SI X25097SI-2.7 X25114J X25128P X25128S X25128S-2.7 X25128SM

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