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NXP Semiconductors

About NXP Semiconductors

NXP, a leader in semiconductor industry, was founded by Philips more than 50 years ago. With its headquarters in Europe, the company has 31,000 employees working in more than 20 countries with posted sales of USD 6.3 billion (including the Mobile & Personal business) in 2007. NXP manufactures system solutions, semiconductors, and software that deliver better sensory experiences in TVs, set-top boxes, identification applications, mobile phones, cars and a wide range of other electronic devices.

In Stock Parts:

BLF578 BSR62 P80C592FFA BLF861A BLY91CF BSN20.215 BSP-122 PCF8574P PCF8574T/3512 PCF8574T/3.518 TJA1054T BFS20 SAA7121HV2,557 LM111D SAA1064/N2 74LVT08D TDA1519C TDA15471HV/N1C00 TDA8024T/C1 BLD6G22L-150BN BLF6G22-180PN PCA82C250N LM124N LM139F LM139N LM158N ISP1161A1BD BGY588C BST40 74HC7540N PMBT2222A PMBT2222AT/R PMBT3904 PMBT3904/T3 CGY2106TS HEF4043BP NE5521N SAF1761BE PCF8563P/F4 SJA1000N1 SCN68681C1N40 BLF881 BAS21VD,135 PESD2CAN.215 S54LS221F TDA8920BJ BLF147,112 BLF574 BSS83TR BSS84T/R BST16T/R PCA9546APW BLF246 ISP1562BE ISP1564HL KTY82/110.215 P89LPC932A1FA,112 BYD57M UCB1400BE UDA1334ATS/N2 UDA1334BTS/N2 P89C668HFA P89LPC935FA PCA8565TS PCA9518APW TDA7057AQ BLF7G22LS-130 ISP1520BD SCN2681AC1N28 BLF404 BAT254 BGY835C TDA10086HT ICM7555ID ICM7555ID/01.118 ICM7555ID-T HEF4528BP TDA8552TSN1,112 ISP1161A1BM ISP1181BDGG ISP1301BS SAA7115HLBE BZV90-C5V6 NE529D PCF85116-3T/01 TDA1519/N2 SAA1064T/N2 TJA1050TD 74LVC1G07GW,165 BLF7G21LS-160 IRF640 ISP1104W PRLL5819 LPC2109FBD64 SCC2692AC1N40 74LVC1G126GV,125 SAA7114HV2 74HCT14N 74HCT14PW-T 74HCT154D-T 74HCT157D-T SC28C94A1A PCA9548APW PCA9551PW PCA9551PW/G-T PCA9552PW/G-T TDA1553Q PNX8935EM101S5 P89V51RD2BN 74LVC2G04GW TDA8560Q/N1.112 74HC14D PMEG2010EA TJA1040T TJA1041AT TJA1041T TJA1041T/N1 LPC4320FBD144 BAV99DW-7-F BAV99STR BAV99T/R TDA3664AT TEA6320T SAA7111AHZ BAT54S BAT54S/T3 BAT54ST/R BAT54T/R SJA1000T/N1 PCA82C250T/N4 SCC2681AC1N40 BC557B TDA7050T P87LPC762BN P89V52X2FA BYW96E SAA7129AHV1557 TDA1517N3 TDA8890H1/N1B TDA8932BTW/N2 BAT754A PCF8574AP,112 BC846BT TDA7056B/N1 TDA8595J PESD5V0U1BB LH75411N0Q100C0 LM124F LM193FE PBSS5230T PDTC114YU 2N7002PT PMEG6020ER PMLL4148L PMLL4148L115 PMN34UN/T3 BSH114 BSH201 74HC1G08GW,125 2N7002 57814SNTR 74ABT08D-T 74ABT125D 74ALVT16543DGG 74HC257D 74HC597PW,118 74LV14D 74LVC2G125DP,125 BAV70T BAV70T/R BAV74T/R BBY31,215 BC879 BLF647 BLF7G22LS-200 BSP62T/R BLS273150 BSP52,115 BSX20 BT138-800 BT151-650R.127 BUK110-50GL BUK12750GT BYD37M BYD77G BYV26C BYV29300 BYV96E BYW93-200 BZX284-B3V3 BZX284-C3V0 IP4778CZ38,118 ISP1161BD ISP1362BD KTY82/210T/R LCP055SDIPSD ISP1362BDFA ISP1504CBS ISP1505ABS ISP1520BDT ISP1563BM ISP1760BE ISP1761BE JN5148001M04 KTY81/210112 KTY82-221 LM2901D LM2901D-T LM2903D LM2901N LM2902D LM2902D-T LM2902N LM2903N LM2904D LM324AN LM393D LM393D-T LM747CN LM75AD LM75ADP LPC1102LVUKZ LPC2103FBD48,151 LPC2138FBD64 LPC2468FBD208 REV B MAC97A8 P80C32SBPN P80C51FA-4A P80C652EBB P82B715TD P89C51RD2FA P89V51RD2FA P89V51RD2FBC P89V664FBC P89V664FBC557 P89V660FA PCA82C250T PCA82C251T/YM,112 PCA9564D PCD3311CTD PCF85103C2DT PCF851163T01 PCF8563BS/4118 PCF8583PF5112 PCK2002PLPW PDIUSBD12D PDTC114ET PDZ2.7B/T3 PDZ3.0B/T1 PESD3V3L1UA.115 PLS173N PMEG2010ER,115 PMR290UNE PNX1302EHG PNX1311EHG PNX8935EM101S5 LPLC PRLL5817T/R PRLL5818 PUMH10 PUMH4 PXAG49KBA SA5209D SA56004BDP SAA1064T/N2112 SA5212AD SA602AD SA604AD01118 SA605D/01-T SA636DK/01 SA626D SAA1064 SAA1064/N2,112 SAA1064N2 SAA7121H SAA7134HL/V1.557 SAF7118EH/V1 SCC2681AC1A44 SCC2681AC1N28 SCC2681AE1A44 SCC2698BE1A84,518 SCC68692C1N40,602 SCN2681AE1A44 SJA1000 TDA1517P TDA8777HL/33/C1 TDA8790M/C1 TDA1519A TDA3661AT/N1 TDA7052A/N2,112 TDA7056A/N2,112 TDA8003TSC2 TDA8040T TDA8563Q TDA8579T/N1 TDA8932T TJA1042T.118 TJA1048T,112 TJA1055T/C UDA1330ATS/N2,118 LM339N LM358AD 74HCT08N 74HCT125D IRF540 LM324D LM324N LM339AD LM339AN LM339D NE521N NE5532D-T 27C256-120 27C256-150 74HC245N 74HC251D-T 74HCT541D 74HCT541D-T BLF147 174F00D 174F00N 174F02D 174F02N 174F04D 174F04N 174F08D 174F0BN 174F109D 174F109N 174F112D 174F112N 174F113D 174F113N 174F138D 174F138N 174F14D 174F14N 174F163AD 174F163AN 174F166D 174F166N 174F175AD 174F175AN 174F175D 174F175N 174F244D 174F244N 174F257AD 174F257AN 174F27D 174F27N 174F280BD 174F280BN 174F3037D 174F3037N 174F32D 174F32N 174F38D 174F38N 174F50728D 174F50728N 174F50729D 174F50729N 174F652AD 174F652AN 174F655AD 174F655AN 174F656AD 174F656AN 174F657D 174F657N 174F74D 174F74N 174F776A 174F776N 174F786D 174F786N 174F823D 174F823N 174F86D 174F86N 1N4148 1N5231B 1PS70SB10934054917115 2222-165-20471 27C256-17 27C256-20 27C256-25 27C256-30 27C256-70 27C256-90 27C256A-120 27C256A-150 27C256A-170 27C256A-200 27C256A-250 27C256A-300 27C256A-35 27C256A-45 27C256A-55 27C256A-70 27C256A-90 2N4401T/R 74ABT125PW-T 74ABT126D-T 74ABT16244ADL 74ABT16244ADLR 74ABT16244ADL-T 74ABT16244DL 74ABT16245DL-T 74ABT16373DL-T 74ABT240D-T 74ABT244D.623 74ABT244DB-T 74ABT245D-T 74ABT273ADB 74ABT273AD-T 74ABT273APW-T 74ABT374AD.118 74ABT540D-T 74ABT541D 74ABT541DB-T 74ABT541PW 74AHC123APW 74AHC132PW 74AHC164PW-T3 74AHC1G07GW 74AHC1G08GV 74AHC1G08GW 74AHC1G09GW-G 74AHC1G125GW 74AHC1G126GW 74AHC1G14GW 74AHC1G32GW 74AHC1G86GW93526300616 74AHC1GU04GW 74AHC595D-T 74AHCT02PW 74AHCT02PWDH-T 74AHCT08PWDH 74AHCT123APW 74AHCU04D 74ALS244AD 74ALVC164245DL-T 74ALVCH162244DG-T 74ALVCH162245DL-T 74ALVCH16244DG-T 74ALVCH162601DGG.118 74ALVCH16374DGG 74ALVT162245DGG-T 74ALVT162245DL.118 74ALVT16244DG-T 74ALVT16374DL 74AUP1G74GT 74AUP2G157DC 74AVC16244DGG-T 74AVC1T45GW 74AVC2T45DC 74F132N 74F139N 74F827D-T 74HC00D 74HC00D-T 74HC00N 74HC02D-T 74HC04D 74HC04D-T 74HC08D-T 74HC112D 74HC11D-T 74HC139D.653 74HC14D.653 74HC151D-T 74HC163D-T 74HC164D.653 74HC165D-T 74HC165N 74HC173N 74HC174D-T 74HC174PW 74HC175D-T 74HC193D 74HC1G02GW125 74HC1G04GV 74HC1G04GW125 74HC1G32GV 74HC20D.653 74HC21D-T 74HC259D.653 74HC259D-T 74HC273D 74HC299D 74HC2G66DP125 74HC373D 74HC373D-T 74HC373PW-T 74HC377D-T 74HC4017N 74HC4024D652 74HC4024D653 74HC4046AD

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