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About Zilog

ZiLOG, Inc. is a global supplier of eight-bit micrologic semiconductor devices. The Company designs, develops, tests and markets a portfolio of these devices for a variety of applications used in consumer electronics, home appliances, security systems, point-of-sale terminals, personal computer peripherals, personal health and medical products. ZiLOG sells its devices directly to a customer base of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for general purpose use or for use in application specific end markets. Additionally, it sells its devices to distributors who generally provide logistical and post sales support to these customers. The Company's Z8 Encore!, Z8Encore!XP, Motor control and eZ80 Acclaim! are designed to incorporate reprogrammable flash memory and peripherals with features that may allow functionality, such as power management, secure transactions and/or connectivity.


Zilog Corporate Info
6800 Santa Teresa Boulevard
San Jose, CA 95119 US
Phone: (408) 513-1500
Web Site:

In Stock Parts:

Z8018008FSG F91AZ050SG Z84C9008VEC U637256DK70G1 ZO853606PSC Z86C9620VSC Z86C9704PSC Z86D991PZ008SC Z84C1516FSG Z8018006PEG Z80C3010VSC Z80CJC/Z0843004PSC Z80CPU Z85C3010VEC Z85C3010VSC Z85C3010VSCSCC Z0292212VSCR3910 Z0840006PSC Z0842004PSC Z0842006PSC Z0842006PSC-Z80PIO Z0843006PSC Z0843006PSCZ80CTC Z0844006PSC Z0844006PSCZ80 Z084404PSC Z0853606VSG Z8018010FSG Z8018010VSC Z8018010VSC-Z180 Z8018010VSG Z8018010YSC Z8018012FSC Z8018233ASC Z8018233FSC Z8018533FSC Z8023010VSC Z8023010VSC00TR Z8023016PSC Z8038018FSC Z8038220FSC Z8038A Z80C3008VSC Z80C3008VSC00TR Z80C3008VSCZ-SCC Z84C0020FEC Z84C0020PEG Z84C0020VEG Z84C008PEC Z84C1306VEC Z84C3008AEG Z84C4410VEG Z84C5010PEC Z84C5010VEC Z84C9012VSG Z86E0812SSG1866 Z86E133PZ016SC Z86E2112FSC Z86E2112PSC Z86E2112VSC Z86E2116PSC Z8F6421AN020SG XC3330PC68C-5003ES Z8030PS 0010-05 0140DS 015232XBER 0547PS 058-4997-001 0800110LMB 0800206CMB 0800206LMB 0800206LME 0800210CMB 0800210LMB 0803006CME 0803006VSC 0803006VSCZ-SCC 0803606PSC 0823006PSC 0840006DSE 0840008PSC 0842004CMB 0842004PSC 0842006PSC 0843004CMB 0843004CMB/883C 0843004PSC 0844004DSE 0844204PSC 084PH 0853004LMB 0853006LMB 0853008SE 0853606DSE 0858106PSC 0858110LMB 10397-12 1135PS 125C0099 125C0108 13206076 13207804 13207805 13207806 1601720ASC1868 16C0210CMB/883C 16C3220VSC 16C3510VEC 16C3516VSC 1820-2298 1820-2299 1820-2300 1820-2553 1820-2872 204965854 20803806DSE 215100-0016 220119 2243-400-1D 23372108300 2337-21190-00 2388-21760-00 250-6001-012 28036PSZ-C10 280CPU 28400PS 286E2112FSC 2-8756-823 2892668-00 2892797-00 2894406-00 2N5307 31-21-0600-40 326PS 331025-0000 33-291 337S8535 338S6523/11484-28 3653-2992SL1068PS 404110-007-99 4109459-3 440N1-20 448601-100 45001794 50ASIO/9 53C8003VSC 543-0011B 575047-3 575079-1 5962-01-069-9682 5962-01-138-6187 5962-01-166-3014 5962-01-173-1509 5962-01-186-5719 5962-01-188-2934 5962-01-207-6587 5962-01-214-5314 5962-01-236-8922 5962-01-255-9102 5962-01-263-4042 5962-01-264-4956 5962-01-266-0259 5962-01-270-1947 5962-01-272-0924 5962-01-305-6668 5962-01-308-7997 5962-01-325-4831 5962-01-341-3887 5962-01-350-8786 5962-01-359-6207 5962-01-368-0910 5962-01-368-3437 5962-01-374-4048 5962-01-385-6613 5962-01-393-3095 5962-01-394-9042 5962-01-398-1796 5962-01-453-3355 5962-01-455-2167 5962-3848001MQA 5962-3848001MQX 5962-8000305QA 5962-8551801QA 5962-8551801YA 5962-8551802QA 5962-87526012A 5962-8752602VA 5962-8752701QA 5962-8752701YA 5962-8752702QA 5962-8868901QA 5962-8868901YA 5962-8868902QA 5962-8868902YA 5962-8868907YA 5962-8868908QA 5962-8868909QA 5962-8868909QX 5962-8868909YA 5962-8951401QA 5962-8951501XA 5962-9065701MXC 61044 6104-L4 6116-4 6191-0419-02 6368939B 64180R-6PS 70116-8 70853006VSC 725004-322 733W02227 765A08VSC 785C3010VSC 7945A10H02 8000301XA 8000303XA 8000304UA 8000305QA 8000305QX 8000305YA 8000306QA 8000306YA 8001APS 8001PS-CPU 8002AVS 8002PS 80048235 8016ACS 8018006PSC 8018012FSC 8028012VSC 8030PS 8030PSK 8030VSC-SCC 8036APS 8036PS 8036PS/ZC10 8053006CMB/883C 80ACPU 80ADART 80ADMA 80A-P10 80API08420Y 80A-PIO 80AS10/0 80AS10-1 80ASI10/1 80ASIO/2 80ASIO/9 80ASIO/O 80B-CPU 80BCTC 80C3010PSC 80CPU 80CPU/Z80CPU 80CPZ 80-CTC 80DART 80DMA 80P10 80P10/Z80P10 80-PI0 80-PIO 80-S10/0 80S10-2 80SI0/1 80SI0/2 80-SIO/2 80SIO/O 8300101QA 8300101YA 8300102QA 8300102YA 8301501QA 8301502QA 8301601XA 8301602XA 8340-3PS 8400ACMB 8400ACS 8400ACSH 8400APS 8400APS/Z8400APS 8400BPS 8400PS 8400PS/Z8400PS 8400W2-A 8400W2N 8400W2NA 8400WOA 8400X 8401510FEC 8410A-PS 8410V 8418601QA 8418602QA 842004PSC 8420ACMB 8420A-PS 8420CS 8420PS 8420PS/Z80PI0 8420PS/Z8420PS 8420YO 8420Z 843002CMB 8430APS 8430CS 8430PS 8440APS 8440PS 8440W1APS 8440W2A 8441APS 8441PS 8442APS 8442APS/Z8442APS 8442BPS 8449APS 8470A-PS 8470BPS 848868-9012 84C0004VSC 84C0006DEE 84C2006VEC 84C2006VEC/Z 84C2008VEC 84C20-4PS 84C3004VEC 84C3006PEC 84C3008VEC 84C30-4PS 84C4006PSC 84C42-4PE 8523016PSC 8523316FSC 853004PSC 853006PSC 8530APSH 8530PS 8530PSSCC 853606VSC 8551701QA 8551701YA 858106PSC 8581PS 85C3008CEE 85C3008PSC 85C3008VEC 85C3008VSC 85Z3010VSC 8612812PSC 861404PSC 8681PS 8682PS 86E0812SSC 86L7108 87526012A 8752701YA 8752702YA AM188EM-20VC/W BDX88A BDX88B CICD68902 COMP10267 COMP10268 COMP10323 COMP10324 COMP10385 CPU8400WOA DB97-1807R1 DB97-1807R3 DIP40-0.6IN-0.1IN DM7430N DMA8410V E003SZ010SC E502460-001 E502461-001 EDH8832C-15CMHR EDI8F8130LP45M6CRW G204965854 GDB3130-0509 GSB3130-0634 GSL3133-0036 H11G3 ICX-R3419 JM38510/48001BQA JM38510/52004BQA L39/UL3903-60 M38510/48602BQA M8510/48001BQA NONSEG-C P82C54-2B PLCC-44 PLCC-68 PMB4314-RI R32300ACXR54AY S161-00611 S161-00612 SL0010-05 SL0029PS SL0043PS SL0054PS SL0059 SL0071-00 SL0102-1 SL0140DS SL0547PS SL1135PS SL1635 SL1655 SL313Z80A SL326PS SL66-CM/B SR0006 SR0030 SR0030/223-10002 SR0032N SR0102 SRO134 SZM408KC SZM410KWC SZM-620KV TCE1537588D TEZ8523010VSC UPD78F9177YGA-9EU UPD78F9842GB-8ET VFI02500-01B Z00210PSC Z015233XBER Z0220112VSC Z0220516SSC Z0221524ASC4508 Z0221524VSC Z043004PSC Z053006PSC Z05380105SC Z0538010PSC Z0538010VSC Z0765A08 Z0765A08PSC Z0765A08VSC Z080006PSC Z0800104CMB Z0800104CMB/883C Z0800106CMB Z0800106CMB/883C Z0800106CSE Z0800106PSC Z0800110CEA Z0800110LMB Z0800110LMB0777 Z08001-10PSC Z0800204PSC Z0800206CMB Z0800206CMB1681 Z0800206CMB/883C Z0800206CME Z0800206DEA Z0800206DSE Z0800206LMB Z0800206LMB1077 Z0800206LMB/883C Z0800206LME Z0800206PSC Z0800206VSC Z0800210CMB Z0800210DEA Z0800210DSA Z0800210LMB Z0800210LME Z0800210PSC Z08002-10VSC Z0801010PSC Z08010VSC Z080110CEA Z0801604PSC Z0801605PSC Z08016-06PSC Z0803004CMB0786 Z0803004CME Z0803006CMB Z0803006CMB0788 Z0803006CME Z0803006DEA Z0803006DSE Z0803006LMB0789 Z0803006LMEZ-SCC Z0803006PSC Z0803006VSC Z0803006VSCZ-SCC Z0803008PSC Z0803008VSC Z0803606CMB Z0803606CMB0781 Z0803606CME Z0803606LMB0782 Z0803606PSC

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