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About Freescale Semiconductor

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of embedded semiconductors for wireless, networking, automotive, consumer and industrial markets. The company provides original equipment manufacturers with chips to help them drive advanced cell phones, manage Internet traffic and to help make vehicles safer and more energy efficient. Freescale Semiconductor is the third largest chipmaker in the United States and the ninth largest in the world.


Freescale Semiconductor Corporate Info
Freescale Semiconductor
6501 William Cannon Drive West
Austin, TX 78735 US
Phone: (512) 895-2000
Web Site:

In Stock Parts:

MM74C923WM MM74F00SCX FDB2552 FSAV330MX RFP40N10 RFP50N06 UA715HM UA715HMQB UA715HMQB/C UA720PC MRFE6S9060NR1 SNJ54LS04J SNJ54LS151J SNJ54LS21J SNJ54LS257BW UA710HC MM74C85N MM74C86N MM74C922N MC68HC11K1CFU4 MC68HC705B16CFN MC68230P8 LC573A XC56309AG100A MC3403N MC56F8323MFBE MC68020FC33E 54F257DMQB MC145406DW 74OL6000 MRF9045LR1 MRF9045R1 MRF9100LR MC33186DH1 DSP56321VL240 MPX5700AS DM74LS125AN FDS7288N3 MC68332GCEH16 MC68332AMEH16 MC33298DW 307AAP3 RHRG50120 FOD2712R1 ML6554IU MC143150B1FU1 MRFE6VP61K25HR6 MC68302AG16VC MC9508GB60A MC68SEC000CAA20 MC145170-2 M6010GN XCF5206EFT54 MM74C00N MM74C02N MM74C04N MM74C14M MC68HC711E9CFNE2 MC145407DWR2 MC34119P MC44BS373CAEFR2 MC44BS374CAD FDS3672 MC68HC11A1CFNE3 74OL6010 74OL6011 NM24C16FEM8X MC68HC11E1CFNE2 MC68HC11F1CFNA MC68HC705B16NCFNE MC14013BCP MC144110P MC14489BDW SN55108AJ SN55450BJ SN5951 SN7400PC MC68360EM25L MC145481DW MC68882EI40A MC9S08GT16ACBE MOCD217 MWIC930GNR1 FDB3652 FDN5618P MRFE6P3300H MM74HC4046M MC68HC11A1CFN3 MC9S12DP512CPVE MC9S12E128CPVE MC9S12H256VPV NM27C256Q150 NM27C256QC-150 NM27C256QE-150 MM74HC32M NC7SZ384M5X NC7SZ384P5 1N751A MM74C906M MMA7260QT MMA7361LCR1 MMA8453QR1 MMB5242B 4N33S 74LCX541WM MCF5206ECFT40 MCF5212LCVM66 MCF52233CAF60 MW6S004NT1 MZ1000A BCW61BLT1 MC44BS373CAEF SMCJ12CA SMCJ13A SMCJ17A SMCJ40A MC9S12DG256CFUE FQP46N15 FQB55N10 MRF1535NT1 MRF1550NT1 MRF1570FNT1 MRF19045LR5 MW6S010GNR1 MC33388DR2 MC13783VK5 MAG3110 MC56F8014VFAE FGH60N60SFD PN2222A PN2222A-J05Z PN2222ARA PN2222EBC MC9S12XEQ512CAL MM74HC4538M MC68HC11K1CFUE4 FODM124R2 J310 DSP56852VFE MMBD1703 MMBD1703A MC34118P MC44BS374T1AEF MC510308-QY4CDW FHP3130IS5X FMS6502MTC24X NDT2955 NDT3055 NDT3055L NDT410EL MCHC908QY4CDWE MCHC912B32CFUE8 MCIMX253DJM4 BF199 MJD47 MJE200STU MJE2955T MJE3055T MMBT2222A MMBT2369A MMBT2484 4N40 CD4011BCN NC7SZ384 74ACT02SC CD4013BCM CD4046BCM CD4093BCMX UA723HM UA723HMG SCAN18541TSSC FAN1589DX FAN4803CP1 FDC608PZ FDC6330L FDMS7694 FQD12N20L FS6S1265REYDTU HSR412L FQA24N50 UA791KM HUF76629D3 KSC5042FTU MC145170D2 MC33887DH MC33887VW MC33887VW/R2 MC33887VWR2 MC33889BDWR2 MC33976DW MC33996EK MC33975ATEK MC56F8323VFBE MC56F8367VPYE MC68060RC50 MC68302AG16C MC68302EH25C MC68302CFC16C MC68302CPV16VC MC68331CAG16 MC68331CAG20 MC68331CFC16 MC68CK331CAG16 MC68EC000EI10 MC68EN302AG25BT MC68EN360CAI25L MC68EN360ZP25L5/6 MC68HC000FN16 MC68A50P MC68HC11A0CFNE3 MC68HC11D0CFNE3 MRF9060LR1 MRF9030LR1 MC68HC711E20CFN2 MC68HC711E9CFN2 MC68HC68T1P MC68HC908AZ60CFU MC68VZ328AG MC68VZ328PV MC705C9ACPE MC74163PC MC7905CT MC7908C MC7912C MC908MR32CFUE MCHC11F1CFNE3 MCHC705B16NFNE MCHC705KJ1CPE MCHC705B16NCFNE MCIMX31LCVKN5D MCT6 MCT61 MCT6S MCT90015D ML6554CU ML741M MM0111 MM4611BJ/883 MM74C14N MM74C154N MM74C164M MM74C164N MM74C374N MM74C74M MM74C74N MM74C76M MM74C901N MM74C906N MM74C914M MM74C923N MM74HC138M MM74HC139M MM74HC14N MM74HC14SJX MM74HC151M MM74HC151N MM74HC175M MM74HC4051M MM74HC4051N MM74HC4051WMX MM74HC574WM MM74HC594M MM74HC74AN MM74HC86MX MM74HC86N MM74HCT00D MMA7368LR2 MOC3010 MOC3023M MOC3041M MOC3042M MOC3043M MPC603RRX200LC MPC8280ZUUPEA MPC8323EVRAFDC MPC8343VRAGD MPC860TZQ50D4 MPF102 MRF18090AR3 MRF6S23100HR3 MRF6S23100HR5 MRF6S27015GNR1 MRF9030L MRF9100LR3 MRF9120 MRF9120L MRF9120-TR MRF9130LR3 MW4IC2020NBR1 NC7SZ00M5X NC7SZ00P5 NC7SZ00P5X NC7SZ02M5 NDC651N NDC7002N NDH8301N NDH8304P NDS8434A NDS8435A NDS8858H NDS8928 PD64012G PN3568 PN3569 PN3569EBC PN3638 PN4250 PN4250-18 PN4258 PN4274 RFP2N10L RG3222CK RHR30120 S54LS259F G7N60B3D SNJ54F04J SNJ54F10FK SNJ54F163AFK SNJ54F163FK SSF10N90A SSH25N40A UA710HM UA710HMQB UA710PC UA711DC UC2846DW UC350UC UC3843BD1 UC3844N W04G W06534702BPC W10G W388ACQS0X1 MC145158DW2R2OR MC145027P MM74HCT540N MM74HCT540WM MM74HC125N MM74HC126N PAL22V10-20/BLA PC1240 UA741AHMQB UA741DC UA9637ARMQB UA9637ATC NM93C56M8 NM93C66LN XPC850SRCZT66BU XPC850SRZT50BU X2864AEI-35 XC3042-PG84BKI MC1458C MC1458CG MC7805C MC7805CT MC7812C MC7812ECT MC7815C MC78L05ACD MC7915CT MMBT2907A MMBT2907AK MMBT3906 MMBT3906-7 MMBT4401 MMBT4401FSCT MMBT4403 MMBT4403K MMBT5401 MMBT5550 MMBT5551 MMBT6427 MMBTA06 MMBTA13 MMBTA14 MMBTA42 MMBTA43LT1 MMBTA92 MMBTH10 MPSA05 MPSA06 MPSA13 MPSA13RA MPSA27 MPSA42 MPSA42RA MPSA43 MPSA55 P6KE6.8A P6KE68CA PN2907A PN2907A-J05Z PZT2222A MC68EC030FE40C MC68EN360CEM25L MC68EN360EM25VL MC68EN360ZP25VL MC68HC11A0CFN3 MC68HC11E0CFN2 MC68HC11E0CFN2R2 MC68HC11E1CFN3 MC68HC11E1CFNE3 MC68HC705B16N MC68HC705B16NCFN MC68HC705C8ACFN MC68HC705C8ACFNE MC68HC705C8ACP MC68HC705C9ACFB MC68HC705C9ACP MC68HC705J1ACDW MC68HC705J1ACPE MC68HC705JJ7CP MC68HC705KJ1CP MC68HC705P6ACDW MC68HC705P6ECP MC68HC711E9CFN MC68HC711E9MFN2 MC68HC908SR12CFA MC68HSC705C8ACFB MC68LC040RC25A MC68LC060RC50 MC68LC060RC66 MC68MH360CEM25L MC68MH360ZP25VL MC68SEC000FU16 MC705P6ACPE MMSZ4688T1 MMSZ5230BT1 MMSZ5231B MMSZ5248BT1 MOC207 MOC207R1 MOC207R2 MOC212 MOC3011 MOC3020 MOC3063 MOC8050 MOC8103 MOC8106 MOC8111 MOCD207M MPC106ARX66CG MPC2605ZP66 MPC5200CBV400 MPC603RRX300LC MPC8241LZQ166D MPC8245LZU266D MPC8245LZU333D MPC8245TZU266D MPC8245TZU300D MPC8250ACZUMHBC MPC8250AZUMHBC MPC8255AZUMHBB MPC8260ACZUMHBB MPC8260AZUPIBB MPC8260AZUPJDB MPC8265ACZUMIBC MPC8270ZUQLD MPC852TVR50A MPC855TZQ66D4 MPC859PVR133A MPC860PZQ80D4R2 MPC9109FA MPC9229FN MPC9315FA MPC9351FA MPC940L MPC940LFA MPC941FA MPC942CFA MPC9446FAR2 MPC9448FAR2 MPC9449FA MPC961CFA MPC99J93FA TIP102 MPSA56 MCT2 MMBD914 MMBT2222ALT1 MMBT3904 MMBT3904LT1 MB7232RA-20 MB74LS02 MB8116E MB8116H MB8118-12 MB81256-10PSZ MB81256-12 MB81256-15 MB81256-15BC MB81256-80 MB81256-80SE MB8128-10 MB8128-15 MB814100A-70PSZ MB81416-12 MB81461-15 MB81464-12P

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