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About Allen Bradley

Allen-Bradley is the brand-name of a line of Factory Automation Equipment manufactured by Rockwell Automation. The company manufactures programmable automation controllers (PAC, PLC), human-machine interfaces, sensors, safety components and systems, software, drives and drive systems, contactors, motor control centers, and systems made of these and similar products. Rockwell Automation also provides asset management services including repair and consulting. Rockwell International purchased Allen Bradley in 1985.

In Stock Parts:

UDN2962W UDN2984A UDN5712M UDN2917EB W25 W29 RC42GF473J RCR07G275JS RCR07G332JS RCR07G823JS 2035607 0A288 100-A09ND3 100A09ND3 100-A12ND3 100-A18ND3 100-A24ND3 100A30ND3 100-A30ND3B 100-A38ND3 100-A60ND3 100B110ND3 100B250NA3 100C0910 100C09D10 100-C12D10 100C12L10 100C1610 100-C16B10 100-C16DJ10 100C16ZJ10 100-C23-10 100C23D10 100C23Z10 100C30D00 100-C43D00 100-C43ZJ10 100C60B00 100FPTB180 100M05N 100M9NZ243 100NX66D 100-SB10 104-A09ND3 110A331 1201HA2 1203-USB 1305AA04A 1305BA06A 1305-BA09A 1326AB-B2E-11-3396C 1333BAA 1333BAB 1336-MOD-KB010 1336-MOV-SP3A 1336MOVSP7A 1394SJT05C 1398-DDM-005X 1398-DDM-009 1398DDM019X 1398-DDM-075 140MC2EB25 140MC2EC10 140MC2EC16 140M-F8E-C32 140MF8EC45 140-MN-0063 140MN0100 140-MN-0630 140-MN-1000 140-MN-2000 144961 148535 1485R-P2N5-F5 1489A1C150 1492-15T 1492AIFM43 1492-CA1 1492-CB1F020 1492-CB1F100 1492-CB1G020 1492-CB1H100 1492CB2H150 1492CB3G150 1492CD3 1492EA35 1492-EAJ35 1492-EBL4 1492GH010 1492GH025 1492GH050 1492GH100 1492-H5 1492-JD3 1492-L4 1492-N16 1492-N23 1492N49 1492-SP1B010 1492-SP1B050 1492-SP1B070 1492-SP1C010 1492-U4 1492W10 1492-WG4 1492WM3 1494FN100 1494FN100A 1494FNF200 1494RN30 1494V-DS200 1494VDS60 1495F1 1496-N1 1497-N11 1497-N2 150A180NBD 150-A54NBDB 15M799 1606XLP30B 1606-XLP72E 160BA01NSF1 160BA04NPS1P1 160-BA06NPS1P1 160SAA02NSF1 160S-AA03NSF1 1691-N2 1745LP151 1746-A13 1746A2 1746HS 1746-IA16 1746-IB16 1746-IV16 1746-NI04I 1746-NI16I 1746-NI4 1746-NI8 1746-NO4V 1746-OA16 1746-OV16 1746-OW16 1746-OX8 1746P3 1746P4 1747-L524 1747L532 1747-L541 1747L551 1747-L552 1747L553 1747-PIC 1754L28BBB 1756-A13 1756-BA2 1756-BATM 1756-CN2 1756CNB 1756CNB/E 1756-EN2T 1756-ENBT 1756-IB16I 1756-IF8 1756-L55M13 1756-L61 1756L63 1756L71 1756-L72 1756-L73S 1756-L7SP 1756-N2 1756-OB16I 1756-OF8 1756-OW16I 1756-PA72 1756-PA75R 1756-PB72 1756-RM2 1761-CBL-PM02 1761-L16BWB 1761-L32AWA 1761L32BWA 1762-0F4 1762-IT4 1762-L40AWA 1764-LSP 1769-ECR 1769-IF4 1769-IQ16F 1770KF3 1770-P1 1771-A2B 1771-IAD 1771-IBN 1771IFE 1771-IR 1771ISC 1771IXEB 1771-OAD 1771OB 1771OBD 1771-OBN 1771-OBN/B 1771-OFE1 1771-OFE2 1771-OFE2/B 1771-OW 1771OZC 1771-P4S 1771-P7 1774-SL 1781-1-A5S 1784-KTCX15 1784PCMK 1785-BCM/B 1785-ENET/B 1785-L20B 1785-L30B 1785-L30B/E 1785L40B 1785-L40BE 1785L40C15 1785-L80E 1785ME64 1785-MK 1785PFB 1786-BNC 1786-RPFRL 1786-TPR/C 1786-TPS 1786-XT 1788-CNCHKR 179116AC 17940B16 1794ASB 1794-IA8 1794-PS3 190-CPS-40A 193-A1E1 193-A2E1 193-A2L4 193-BSB12 193-BSB22B 193BSB30 193BSB42 193BSC24B 193BSC32 193-EA1DB 193EA1EB 193-EA1FB 193-EA1HC 193-EA1JD 193-EA1KE 193EA4FB 193-EA4FB 193-EA5HC 193-ED1BB 193-ED1CB 193-ED1DB 193-ED1EB 193-EECB 193-EEDB 193-EEEB 193-EEGE 193ER1D 193-ES1AB 194954 194EA1001753 194L-E12-1751 194L-E25-1751 194L-G3393 194RNJ030P3 194RNJ060P3 194R-NN030P3 194R-R1 195FA11 195-FA22 195-FA40 195-GA10 195-MB22 199-FSMA1 199-LG1 199-MSMA1 1N5806JAN 1R041-3 1R041-5 20245-21 20AD027A0AYNANNN 22A-A8P0N104 22AB2P3N104 22AD1P4N104 22A-D4P0N104 22BD1P4N104 2707-MVP232 2707-V40P2 2711B5A2 2711E-K14C6 2711K3A2L1 2711K6C5 2711NL2 2711-NT1 2711P-T12C4A8 2711-T10C20 2711-T10C20/D 2711-T10C3 2711-T5A15L1 2755-LD8B1 2A12 2N6674 3100-30Q807 314A1003 314A103 314A322 314A331 314B104 314B221 314B222 314B681 3168B271 316A223 316A473 316B103 316B104 316B113 316B122 316B201 316B271 316B330 316B472 316B750 316B752 316L08104 316X101 34A3314 380-1651-00 3-A01 401286B 40262-001-54 40SA1-4000 4100-232-R 4100-CCA15F 4100-CCF1 4100-CCW15F 42185-800-01 42EFD1MPAKF4 42EF-P8KBC-F4 42GRL9002 42GRL-9002-QD 42GRR9002-QD 42GRU9002 42GRU9002QD 42GRU-9203 42GTU9001-QD 42GTU-9002-QD 42GTU-9200-QD 42KB-T1LPSL-A2 42KCP2LPEMP4 42LRC-5000 42LTB-5000 42MRA-5000 42MRU5000 42MRU5200 42MTB-5000 42SML-7100 42SML-7100-QD 42SMR-7100 42SMR-7100-QD 42SMR7111 42SRP-6024 42SRU-6004 42SRU6203 440GS36044 440J-A00N 440J-N2NTNPM-NE 440LAMUTLED10M 440RA32003 440RP23073 47SN1-4000 505-FOD 509BOD 509COD 509-T0D 509-TAXD 509-TOXD 538131-53 5905-00-141-0723 592B1JC 592-BOV16 592-BOV169 592-BOV4 592EECC 592-JOV-16 595-A 595B 599-PB02 5SDD71X0400-0410 609-AAW 6ES7307-1EA00-0AA0 6ES73231BL000AA0 700-C110 700-C200A1 700C200A1SERB 700-CF220ZQ 700-CPM 700D200A1 700DCF400Z24 700DC-N300Z1 700DCN400Z1 700DCP400Z24 700DC-PK800Z24 700DC-R110Z24 700-F220A1 700-F400A1 700HA32A1 700HA32A12 700-HA32A1-4 700-HA32A2 700-HA32A24 700-HA32A27 700HA32Z24 700HA33A1 700HAX2A1 700-HAX2Z24 700-HB33Z24 700HB33Z244 700-HC24A1-1-4 700-HC24A24 700-HF32A1 700HF32Z24 700-HF32Z24-1 700HHF62A1 700-HK32A2 700-HN100 700-HN114 700-HN116 700-HN121 700-HN122 700HN125 700HN126 700-HN154 700-HN202 700-HN204 700HRM12TU24 700-HSV1 700M400A1S 700-N200A1 700-N24 700N400A1 700-N400A1 700-N600A1 700N800A1 700-NA40 700-NM400A1 700NM600A1 700NT 700-NT400A1 700-P200A1 700-P400A1 700-P400A22 700P400B22 700-P800A1 700-PB40 700-PC40 700SDCPK620Z24 700TBR24 700-TBR60 701819201AW 7022NC 702-AOD93 706A103G 708A681 709TOD103 70A288 70A83 70A86 70B1G040R104W 710A102 710A472-TI 710B330 71A288 71A86 72A01 72-A113 72A86 73B4G032R251W 73U4N048P503U 7599072 766701/A 79A86 800-A6D1 800A-H2BW 800E2DL5 800E2X01 800E2X10 800E3X01 800EM-KM21 800E-N157W 800EP-PLM3D0 800ES-MP24 800F-X11D

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