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Rockwell Automation

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About Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation Ltd. allows industries to go on cruise control. The company, which is the British arm of US-based Rockwell Automation, offers products such as control and signaling systems (circuit protection, relays, terminal blocks), drives (speed, micro), motion controls, process controls, programmable controllers, and sensors. Rockwell Automation Ltd. operates a customer demonstration facility at its Milton Keynes headquarters where customers use its Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Software products. The company distributes its products through partnerships with companies including Routeco and RS Components.


Rockwell Automation Corporate Info
Rockwell Automation
1201 South Second Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204 US
Phone: (414) 382-2000
Web Site:

In Stock Parts:

R65C51P2 R65C52P1 R65C52P2 R65C52P2E A1032PD R6551AP R6551P R655IP R6592 RC9624DP RC96V24DP RCDL56ACE RCDL56ACF RCV288DPI-R6682-24 RCV336ACF RCV336ACF/R6749-23 L39LUL3902-60 L39LUL-3903-57 CB1815 CB2025 CB9115 CC20UK1R0C HB1025 HB1491-0-G-001 RC05GF621J RC05GF681K RC07GF103J RC07GF112J RC07GF121J RC32GF751J RC336ACFA RC42GF102J RC42GF202J RCR05G112JS RCR05G204JS RCR05G623JS RCR05G824JS RCR07G101JS RCR07G104JS RCR07G105JS RCR07G122JS RCR07G123JS RCR07G133JS RCR07G152JS RCR07G203JS RCR07G221JS RCR07G272JS RCR07G333JS RCR07G473JS RCR07G474JS RCR07G560JS RCR20G155JS RCR07G561JS RCR07G681JS RCR07G682JS RCR07G683JS RCR07G750JS RCR07G752JS RCR07G822JS RCR20G153KS RCR20G162JS RCR20G47JS RCR20G561JS RCR20G621JS RCR20G682JSJAN RCR20G750J RCR20GF2R4J RCR32G105JS RCR32G332JS RCR32G333JS RCR32G470JS RCR32G750JS RCR32G8R2JS RCR42G123JS RCR42G150JS RCR42G224JS RCR42G301JS RCR42G303JM RV4NAYSD103A RWA010 W53 WCTR-101-8200AG KM41C4000Z-8 L1105-20PD39/U-AT A11410-2 A1205W2025 A1205W283 A12-927004 A13330-4 A16477-2 A17A2-12 A2103-13 A2257M1079 A28284-3 A2847K869 A4132PA A43-92705/11564-11 A49616-2 A5501CB A661A-11 A6624CA A6624EA A664A-11 A66F2-11 A7408-11 A7552-126512-5 A88H2-11 A91-041202 A932-101 AD8-C201 ADC850C AS1152-5 ASP1000BR1124-11 B15365-2 B16486-3 B16915-3 B23186-4 B46718-6 B5419-16 B7825-12 B79419.5 B9002-12 BB2711 BB5621 BB6215 BB6811 BP3422 BT681KHJ BT8070EPQ BT8110EPJB BT819KPF BT8233EHFB BT829BKRF BT8370KPF BT8970EHF BT8970EHF28970-13 BU407D BU807B C0081P3 C0M202-0051-150R C1901-20 C1992-11 C1993-11 C1997-12 C1997J C1997J12 C1999-12 C1999-16 C1999J C2900-11 C2900-12 C290019 C2900-20 C2900-21 C2900-21/A37111-3 C2900-21/A37541-3 C2900-21/A38688-3 C2900-21/A39059-2 C2900-21/A43248-2 C315C102J5U5CA C3900-25 C3900-27 C39R/A/UC400-18 C39RC4000-29 C39R/U C39R/U-AT C39R/U-AT/C4000-37 C39R/U/C4000-13 C39R/UC4000-17 C39RW/U/C4000-16 C39/U-C3900-25 C4000-11P C4000-13 C4000-15 C4000-16 C4000-17 C4000-18 C4000-25 C4000-37 C4000-41 C4060P2 C4239P3 C5307-18 C5312-15 C5312-16 C5315-12 C5316-11 C5316-11/A29529-2 C5501-11 C590012 C5900-14 C5902-14 C5902-19 C5903-11 C-7286/TRC C7321-11 C732112 C8820-11 CAS179F005 CB1035 CB1125 CB121J CB1335 CB4315 CC20UK1ROC CC20UK/ROC CDR11BG101AJMM CDR11BG470AFMM COMP10383 COMP10384 COMP10388 CPF103J63V2-TCC CSVA5-4 D1002-1A D39/U-AT-L1106-20 D-5257 D80353264 D93-084000 DA487U DCAC682TA DDM-005 DP-4-C-AN DT-21235 E015090-001 E015090-002 E13061 EB1541 EB1811 EB2025 EB2235 EB51G5 EB5R15 EB7205 EB8205 EF6800CMB/B EF6810CMB/B ET2716Q ETC2716Q ETC5057J FC50P FC73724-1 FILTER G320903J202 G320905J820 GA301A-ENG GA301E-B61908.18 GB1805 GB3335 GB5105 GB7515 GS1T040P104UA HB1491-0-G-1 HB2025 HB3301 HB9115 HM1211/24104-12 HM1221 HM1811A/24105-13 HSA287913333MHZ JA1G040S253UA JAN1N2974B JAN1N4762A L1300-14P L1902-11 L2400-17P L2600-17 L2800-38 L34/UL3903-60 L3900-56 L3900-57 L3900-60 L3902 L3902-53 L3902-56 L3902-57 L3903-53 L3903-54 L3903-56 L3903-57 L3903-58 L3903-59 L3903-60 L3903-60L39/U L39/A/U L39/A/UL3900-56 L39/A/U/L3902-56 L39/A/UL3903-56 L39E/U L39LU/L3902-57 L39LUL3903-60 L39/U/3900-57 L39/U/3903-57 L39/U-L3900-57 L39/U-L3902-57 L39/U/L3902-60 L39/U-L3903-57 L39/U-L3903-60 L39W/U L39W/U/L3900-54 L404200JC00T L5805-13 L6805-12 L6805-12MX96 L7905-12 L8160-13 L8263-14P L8264-14P L8264-51P L8461-13 L8565-14 L856551P L856553P L8773-91 LF356DP LI-46-34 LM308DG LM311DP LM324DP LM339D9 M123A16BXC103KC M3190/6-16-0 M39024/10-6 M39029/57-354 M41-08/01B M8340101K2201GA M8340102K1001FB M8340102M1000GB M8340102M4700GA M8340102M4701GB M8340102M47R0GA MB-6534/ARC-190V ME414-0651-0022 MF1/4W-10K1 MIL-R39008/2 MIL-R-39008B/1E MM77A7710-12 MP176SST MS21043-08 MT-4777/AN/ARC-174V MT-6050/ARC-186 MT-6050/ARC-186V MT-6534/ARC-190V MT-6857/U MX-9005/TSC-60V MX9008TSC60V NAS1190E04P10 NAS1351N3LE14 NAS1351N3LE6 P093550405191 P39/A/UL1300-13 P39/UL1303-12 P39XL2701-15 P39XLS2701-15 P68561P P6KE7V5AT P8773-91 PC74627-1 PC74890-1 PL1303-11 PLR810 PP-8229/V PS43032 Q317000323 R1041-14 R10464-13 R1060-14 R1061-12 R1062-14 R1080-11 R1082-11 R1082-12 R1084-11 R10937P40 R1099-23 R10B7-13 R10C5-11 R10L7-11 R11229-12 R1137-11 R11596-21 R121124P R123124UP R13517-523011 R13518 R13518000011 R13518006011 R13518007011 R13518047021 R13518103021 R13518195010 R14411D-BOARD R144EFX R144EFXL R1496 R1503-14 R15S53MP-B R1703-12 R21007 R2121A-01 R2316BP R2332LP R288FR6713-20 R2952-12 R3004-11 R3009-11 R3101-4 R3105-12 R325A-11 R32B8-11 R48MEB R48MFX/R6626-12 R48PCJ R5100-39 R5300-19 R5300-22 R5300-23 R5301-19 R5301-20 R5305-21 R5306-18 R5306-20 R5310-18 R5310-25 R5310-30 R5310-36 R5310-38 R5311-18 R5311-21 R5311-23 R5311-26 R5311-28 R5311-29 R5313-14 R5313-17 R5319-14 R5319-16 R5320-16 R5321-16 R5323-12 R5325-21 R5325-22 R5337-12 R5562-12 R5562-14 R5562-17 R5562-23 R5562-26 R5562X7 R65001EAB1 R65001EAB3 R6501AQ R6502-11 R6502-13 R6502-19 R6502-23 R6502-32/R6502S004 R6502-39 R6502-40 R6502ACE R6502AP R6502APE R6502BP R6502C R6502P R6502PE R6504-11 R6504AP R6504P R65052P3 R6505P-11 R6507-11 R6507GD R6507P R6511AQ R6511Q R6512AP R6512APE R6515AP R6518AJ R6520-13 R6520-26 R6520AP R6520P R6520PE R6522-31 R6522-33 R6522AP R6522P R6522PE R6530P/R3009-11 R6532-11 R6532AP R6532P R6545-13/R6545-1P R6545-15 R6545-1APS R6545-1P R6545AP R6545EAP R6551-11

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